What’s Really Great About Rhode Island ?

What’s really great about Rhode Island that makes it a sure fire succes with all holiday makers are the ocean beaches which have hundreds of miles of, both salt and fresh water beaches. You also get access to many major cities that are located near to this shoreline. All amenities related to beach area are offered. Colt state park is near route 114 on the eastern side of Narragansett Bay. It is open the year around and has many playing and picnic areas. Third lighthouse to be built in America, Beavertail Lighthouse provides stunning views of Rhode Island’s Atlantic shoreline. An aquarium building shows the area’s water, marine life and rocks. It is open from 1 May to 31 October and the park opens daily from sunrise to sunset. Created in 1828 Blackstone River State Park is located on Lower River Road in Quinnville. With usual facilities it opens daily. Second largest defensive strong hold of US from 1799 to 1845, Fort Adams State Park used to be house maximum number of soldiers. It opens daily from early morning to dusk. Burlingame State Park is located in 2100 acres and on the shoreline of Watchaug Pond. Many Atlantic Bay areas are quite close to it. It opens from 15 April to 31 October and camping facilities can be availed for two weeks only. Charlestown Breachway can be reserved for one week only. It has the common facilities and is open from April 15 to October 31. Next to salt-water beaches is located Fisherman’s memorial State Park that closes from 1 April to 15 April and has many modern facilities for its visitors. In between 430 acres of excellently landscaped lands is Roger Williams Park zoo. It has many species of wildlife (endangered Lemurs too), a tropical rain forest and an open air Volary. This Park also has a Planetarium, a museum of natural history and a rotating village. A century of Tennis History is available at International Tennis Hall of Fame, America’s oldest grassy grounds. Located in Newport Casino, it plays host to many great professionals who come every year to participate in New Port Tennis Competetion. Opens from 18 May to 31 October Fort Getty Recreation Area is always ready with usual facilities. However, the pets should be under control. Bowdish Lake Camping Area is open from April 30 to 10 October only. Many competitions, sports contests, entertainments and art classes are organized during July/August. All the rivers, ponds and lakes on Rhode Island are a paradise for Fresh Water Fishing seekers. Many different varieties of fish are available in them. The whole area of Rhode Island is famous the world over for huge variety of Salt Water fishing. From amateurs to big anglers looking for creating a world record, Rhode Island has it all. Anglers can find fish in all seasons in its salty waters of this Oceanic State. Here are some other out-door activities that can be enjoyed at Rhode Islands like Whale Watching, Parasailing, Sleigh Riding, Hay Riding, Horseback Riding, Hiking, Bicycling, Boating, Canoeing etc.

Rhode Island Lighthouses

When I think about Rhode Island, a nice picture comes to my mind with hilly, rocky beaches and picturesque lighthouses. These wonderful, mostly white buildings are familiar in New England. There are plenty of lighthouses in the smallest state of the United States, Rhode Island. You can visit over 20 lights, all located in a close geographical area. First, there is Castle Hill, Newport. This light was built around 1890, stands forty feet above sea level and marks the east entrance of Narragansett Bay. It can be seen from about twelve miles away. The Richardsonian Romanesque style lighthouse flashes an intermittent red light every six seconds to warn sailors. It is situated in a beautiful, untouched environment, you can only meet the keeper or some seagulls here. In Narragansett (http://www.rhodeislandonsale.com/), you’ll also find Point Judith, which was built in 1810. This light guards the western entrance to the bay. In 1931 it became the first station in Rhode Island to have a radio beacon. These beacons allow ships to navigate at night or in fog without depending upon the light or the foghorn. Another nice one is Newport Harbor Light at the north end of Goat Island, New Port. The current light was constructed in 1842 and has a height of 33 feet. The light was electrified and the present optic is 250 mm and is fixed green. The Newport Harbor light is an active U.S. Coast Guard aid to navigation and is managed by ‘Friends of Newport Harbor Lighthouse.’ Watch Hill, Westerly is located on the north side of the east entrance to Fishers Island Sound in Rhode Island. It is situated on a peninsula that is almost surrounded by ocean, giving breathtaking beauty to this area. If you would like to see magnificent sunsets, you must come here. The silhouette of the lighthouse is awesome. Otherwise the whole town is wondrously interesting, full of history, Victorian architecture, classic Rhode Island oceanfront ‘cottages’, white sand beaches, good fishing spots, and so on. The Watch Hill Inn, built in 1845, furnished in a traditional New England style, is the town’s gem, too. And finally Rose Island, which is located in the middle of Narragansett Bay just south of the Newport Bridge. This place is a real curiosity. Can you imagine how it feels to stay in a lighthouse overnight? Here, you can try it. You can book a stay at Rose Island Lighthouse. What’s more, you can be a keeper for a week, too. You have to sign for an environmental education program, where people of all ages learn about the Lighthouse’s history and they experience first-hand the keeper’s self-sufficient, resourceful way of life. You’ll have some duties, most importantly making sure the windmill generates enough power to keep the light burning through the night. A small wind turbine powers the lighthouse and lighting inside the museum – there is no radio nor TV, no Internet, nothing. You may enjoy the beauty of the nature and freedom undisturbedly, you can collect shells and orange starfish. Isn’t it wonderful?